Service for Businesses

Project development

Working conceptionally is one of our strengths. By asking us to develop your project, you will benefit from our expertise and experience regarding all those questions related to initiating a variety of activities.

Market analysis

Which product innovations may the market call for? What are your competitors doing? Which new segments or national markets could you dive into? We analyse issues like these for you so that you can make use of a comprehensive and reliable estimation of the current market situation.

Funding advisory service

When cooperating with scientific institutions, there are numerous public funding opportunities. From regional structural funds up through to “Horizon 2020” – we know all about the relevant funding opportunities and funding dimensions pathways and will help you in finding the best ones for your project.

Funding applications

When you cooperate with partners from the world of science, it is often possible to apply for public project financing. We advise you on every detail related to the application processes. Of course, we can also undertake an entire application for you.

Innovation management

New ideas are not launched on the market “just like that”. We support you in turning innovative scientific approaches into marketable innovations.

Innovation Screening

“There are always more smart people outside your company than within”, says Joy’s law. We keep you up to date on the relevant trends for your market segment and we identify new technologies and developments at an early stage that can give innovation impetus for your business.

Business planning

A good plan should always be at the beginning of every expansion or investment - for example, if you would like to open up a new market segment. We undertake all the business planning, from the analysis of the business idea all the way to the financial plan.

Intellectual property rights management

Processes and products developed by your business are intellectual property, which must be protected in the best possible manner. We support you on all issues related to intellectual property rights management. These may include technical rights such as patents or utility models and trademark protection.

Innovation process development

A good idea is generally at the beginning of a process that leads to the development of an innovative and profitable product. We support you in identifying those truly innovative approaches and in developing them successfully.