Transfer Service Provider

 In order to transform scientific discoveries into practical results whose innovative power can unfold ideally, the transfer process (thus the transition from research to practice) needs to proceed optimally. At agrathaer, we facilitate this process as your transfer broker. We mediate between all the partners so that your ideas and concepts ultimately turn into practical innovations. We make sure that both sides cooperate productively. We build the bridge between science and application for you, which and at the same time leads to your findings being disseminated with promise.


Your consultant: We find the right approach to turn your ideas into a practical result. We will consult you at all stages of the transfer process.


Your service provider: We perform all the necessary administrative tasks, from process planning to hiring the graphic design agency which is to create the logo for your finished product.



agrathaer GmbH


Eberswalder Straße 84

15374 Müncheberg


Tel.: +49 33432 82 149




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