Innovation broker

Research findings form the basis for innovations.


It is nevertheless a long way from having the research findings to producing an innovation that is ready for marketing. We at agrathaer are the experts in the steps that have to be taken. We study your idea’s potential and develop custom-made concepts to transform it into a product. We mediate at the interfaces between science, private companies and public administration. And we connect you with the right partners to ensure that your ideas succeed. In short: We develop an innovation that can succeed in the marketplace based on your research findings.  


Make use of our wide-ranging expertise throughout the whole process – from the idea though to the finished product. Appoint us your innovation broker, so that we can develop successful innovations from your most promising research.


The result will be products and services that solve today’s problems and meet the clients’ needs.


This interface is precisely where our expertise lies. As a broker, we are looking for the right partners from science, industry, politics and civil society and - together with you - we will transform your research findings into a product ready to be launched on the market.


agrathaer GmbH


Eberswalder Straße 84

15374 Müncheberg


Tel.: +49 33432 82 149




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