Innovation Assessment Tool

The InventionAssessmentTool is a user friendly device, to analyze and evaluate research result regarding their innovation potential. The tool recognizes that there are diverse types of research results and several developmental stages from the invention to the market ready innovation.


The aim of the InventionAssessmentTool is not a final assessment regarding the innovation potential, but rather to support the user in his evaluation process with a context-oriented analysis. Thus the next steps of implementation can be identified for each individual case. Since the tool is suited for different stages of development, it can be used multiple times by the user to achieve a comprehensive assessment, starting from the initial situation and using different investigation and development results. Indications help the user to find a suitable innovation path for the specific research results. 


The InventionAssessmentTool is a cooperative invention of ZALF e.V. , ontopica GmbH and agrathaer GmbH.


We are looking for trial customers.



For any questions contact Anita Beblek and Katharina Diehl.


agrathaer GmbH


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